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The construction industry across AEC and EPC sectors has evolved with Building Information Modeling (BIM). While BIM has become a norm, the coordination between design, engineering, and construction teams is synergized through the project life cycle with various BIM integration tools in the market. Our BIM services team is capable of providing CAD to BIM, BIM coordination, Quantity take-offs, MEP/HVAC/Structural BIM services, Revit family creation, and as-built documentation services.


The Building Information Model is a digital representation of the physical and functional characteristics of a facility. It is not only a 3D drawing but has a rich data model containing attributes information such as Material, Weight, Cost, Manufacture details, Asset tagging, and heat conduction properties which will enable further calculation and analysis such as

  • 4D - Time & Resource Management

  • 5D - Cost Analysis

  • 6D for Facility Management

GeovertX can develop BIM models of Architectural, Structural, Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing, Fire Protection, and HVAC services from 2D plans and sketches. The BIM engineers at GeovertX are capable of modeling complex Architecture buildings, Commercial & residential buildings, Airports, Heritage buildings, Schools, Colleges, University campuses, and Hospital facilities. Geovertx can also provide different services with the BIM model such as

  • BIM Coordination

  • Clash Detection

  • Quantity Take-off

  • Revit Family Creation

  • Digital Twins

  • Facility Management

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