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The geospatial industry has adopted Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) technology rapidly. In the process of capturing the earth’s surface and elevation features, LiDAR processing brings few following advantages over traditional aerial Photogrammetry.

  • Aerial & mobile LiDAR data can be quickly captured and data is highly accurate due to high point density.

  • The high density of LiDAR cloud enhances the output data quality in various applications it is used for.


  • LiDAR performs much better in capturing surface elevation, even when there is dense canopy cover for example a forest.​


In sectors such as energy and agriculture, the need of using LiDAR service is often periodic. The electrical utility providers use mobile LiDAR data for effective planning and asset maintenance. The agricultural sector uses LiDAR data processing for effective crop assessment, watershed delineation, risk mapping of soil erosion etc.

GeovertX provides LiDAR data processing services for Land Administration, Transportation, Energy, Agricultural, Oil & Gas and forestry sectors. We deliver the following LiDAR data services with proven methodologies, latest technologies and with a concise LiDAR team having 50+ years of mapping experience.

LiADR Mapping
3D Model

Bare Earth & Non Ground Classification

DEM/DTM/DSM Generation

Vectorization and Feature Extraction

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