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Surveying & mapping of our world constantly evolved for centuries, from paper-based maps to today's digitally interactive map-based applications. GIS tools and techniques are constantly refined to empower public and private sector organizations to serve better.


By leveraging on the latest GIS mapping technologies GeovertX is able to produce 2D and 3D spatial data accurately and efficiently. With our cost-effective services, you can trust us with DEM/DTM/DSM Mapping, Stereo & Planimetry Mapping, Image Processing, LiDAR data processing, and GIS Data Conversion & Migration services. Our project expertise ranges from land use & planning, energy, utility, transportation, real estate, emergency services, civil engineering sectors. As we emphasize setting up dedicated teams for most of the Geospatial services, you benefit by receiving quality consistent project deliveries, save on training new teams often and reduce query cycles. 

Stereo Compilation
Planimetric Mapping
LiDAR - Classification
LiDAR - Feature Extraction
DEM/DTM/DSM Generation
Ortho/True Ortho Generation
Mosaic & Color Balancing
Utility & ROW Mapping
Tax Parcel/Cadastral Mapping
Topographic Mapping
Change Detection & LULC Mapping
Map Data Migration
3D As-Built Modeling
Digital Twins
Solid Modeling
2D Modeling
Reverse Engineering

The 3D laser scanning industry is evolving rapidly with the advent of new technologies. The process of scanning and modeling is proven to be quicker, accurate, safer, cost-effective and HSE compliant compared with traditional ways. We at GeovertX can deliver 2D/3D As-Built modeling for Digital twins, Asset Management, Facility management, and Reverse Engineering services. We focus on processing plants, manufacturing, oil & gas, building engineering & construction (AEC), shipping and heritage industries.

Whether you deal with asset-intensive industries such as oil & gas or with critical infrastructure such as hospitals, we engage experienced technicians who can interpret the point cloud and deliver 2D/3D models per required standards. You can get an accurate 3D model created of up to ±5mm accuracy with the desired level of detailing (LOD) based on your end use of the product.

The AEC industry is heavily dependent on  Building Information Modelling (BIM) applications for designing, construction management and Maintainance. Building Information Modelling allows visualization and management of a project's physical and functional features in 3D, 4D, 5D and 6D environments.

GeovertX can develop BIM models of architectural, structural, MEP and Fire Protection services from 2D plans and sketches. The BIM engineers at GeovertX are capable of modeling Architectural/Heritage sites & commercial/residential complexes. We can deliver Clash detection, Clash resolution and MEP coordination services.

2D to 3D Modeling
Clash Detection & Resolution
MEP-F Coordination
BIM Documentation
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